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Rogue River Trading

White, "Russian" Facet Beads ~9x9mm (10 count)

White, "Russian" Facet Beads ~9x9mm (10 count)

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White Russian Facets are VERY rare and mix beautifully with our blue faceted beads.  We are excited to offer these historically accurate, reproduction "Russian Facet" beads.  These beads are highly prized across North America and were an early trade bead to arrive on the West Coast on the ships of Russian fur traders seeking sea otter and beaver pelts.  These beads have become extremely hard to find and we are happy to be able to offer these beautiful reproduction beads.  These beads have a variation in color and size just like the old beads.  Each bead is handmade and hand-faceted, just like the old way.  

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