About Rogue River Trading

Ch’ee-la xwii-t’i Saul waa ‘vm-nvsh-shi (Hello everyone, I’m called Saul). My bands are Chasta costa, Chetco, Euchre creek, Klamath River, Shasta river, Tututni, and Tolowa and my people are from the Rogue River area of Oregon. Today we are known as the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians and are the most diverse confederation of Tribes and Bands on a single reservation in the United States. Our ancestors spoke 10 completely different languages, each of which had multiple dialects. Our ancestral lands include all of Western Oregon from the summit of the Cascade mountains to the Pacific and extending into what’s now SW Washington State and northern California.

Our people have a very deep cultural connection to shells. They were and still are our traditional currency. Dentalium shells were the most prized form of this currency. We carried our "shell money" inside intricately made "purses" carved of elk antler that protected the shell. We still use shells as traditional currency among our people and use them to pay for ceremonial rites and as prized gifts used in ceremonies.

Terms of Sale

Generally speaking, all sales are final. We do our best to provide the highest quality shell. As this is an organic product, there is natural variation. We want to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase, if, for some reason, you are not satisfied, please contact us so we can attempt to make it right.

If you need to contact us to discuss your order, you can email us HERE.

Business Minority Ownership Status

Rogue River Trading wants to be transparent about our ownership structure to avoid any misrepresentation or misunderstanding, while we may have diverse leadership and a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within our organization, we do not technically qualify as a minority-owned business due to the presence of outside investors who hold a significant equity stake in our company.

While our ownership structure may not meet the specific criteria required for minority-owned status, Rogue River Trading remains dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment within our organization. We welcome and encourage collaboration with businesses of all backgrounds and ownership structures.