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"Guardian" Bandana by Johnnie Bob

"Guardian" Bandana by Johnnie Bob

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These oversized, 24-inch square, 100% cotton bandanas are useful in so many ways.  You will find so many uses for this fantastic accessory. 
About the artist
My name is Johnnie Bob, and my ancestral name is Dos-whee-ce-la-loose. My parents are Shirley and the late Wesley Bob, my grandparents are the late Sam Cagey, Mary Helen Jefferson, and the late Mabel Phair and Herbert Bob. I was born and raised on the Lummi Reservation. Much like our Salish woven wool blankets, art, and culture were tightly woven into my life. I picked up drawing at a very young age, exploring all styles of the PNW. Eventually, I matured and was drawn to the ancestral art style of our Coast Salish people. I find most of my inspiration by studying old Coast Salish artifacts and current artists today. Through my journey of the Salish art style, I do my best to stay true to the style of our Coast Salish Ancestors. I hold this art form in the highest regard as it was a gift from our old people and most commonly seen on ceremonial objects and not just a piece of art.

I would like to thank Rogue River Trading for the opportunity to share the Salish art as I see it.

Thank you one and all,
Johnnie bob 
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